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On a lighter note

I thought I would end on a lighter note, well with the whole discerning conversation. There is one reoccurring theme that is, my Adverse Childhood Experience. It is not unique, nor does it make me special. However, learning more about it has come in handy for my human experience. I can help myself more effectively in situations that revolve around tension in my relationships with other people.

I truly believe there is a lot of relief that it comes with, I am more self-aware, and I have taught myself different techniques on how to navigate relationships. It is not rosy at all, but I am hopeful that it will be a lot better with more work.

If you are comfortable, you can share your personal stories in the comments.

I will be attaching different links on Adverse Childhood Experiences. My hopes are to stop people from invalidating other people’s experiences when they rant about how terrible their lives are. Traumatic events between the ages 0-17 do shape your life, well until you seek help, but you cannot get the help when you continue to suppress your emotions on that experience. I still blame the people we are surrounded by for that, people need to stop expecting other people to suffer silently or try silence their voices when they rant.

Lastly, on Father’s Day next year when people go off about their terrible Fathers, please keep quiet. You can always focus on getting your gifts and messages ready for your dad. Skip those WhatsApp statuses and tweets, let them rant in peace just as you celebrate peacefully.

That’s All from me



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